Golden Shining-Review On Breguet 3357BA/12/986

Driven by the history wave, and be discarded by the trend of fashion, there still a brand that stands in the crown, vigorously. This is Breguet. Breguet has many superiority that other brands could not surpass. Derived from French authentic tradition, it takes the lead in the watch industry. Today we take a look at its Breguet 3357BA/12/986. Its uniqueness makes it the best brand in the world and is widely recognized by people. It is favored by a lot of celebrities, and conquer the world with its unique charm. So now let’s have a close look at this wonder Breguet Classique 3357BA/12/986 watch, particularly its dial.

The crown could fully reflects Breguet’s design as it adopts Breguet’s logo, and exemplify the brand’s history. The unique charm makes it last forever. The shallow light alligator skin belt is covered by layers of materials, and thus touches great. It wears comfortable and the leather belt is amazingly good. The crown side appears to be mysterious and always lure you to know what happen within it. In such a thick watch, it is the fruit of Breguet’s innovation. The folding buckle makes it more dimensional visually. Breguet brand paid tons of attention processing small details, like folding buckle, clutches. Even in some small and invisible components, it carefully deals with it. for example, escapement that is not visible to us is well processed by chamfering. Coin patterns speaks for its blue blood.

This Breguet watch is made of precious metal and its luxury would never fall behind others. In the days of fast consumption, choosing a vintage Breguet watch is a wise choice, because Breguet, in keeps moving forward, always pays tribute to tradition. The Breguet 3357BA/12/986 is quite straight, in terms of the nature of the lug, which cold exemplify the charm of big dial.

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