High Quality Replica Watches – Rose elegance with Replica Patek Phillipe 5159R

What came out with Patek Phillipe were its siblings, 5159J and 5159G. they share the same style and same complication functions and the only difference is that 5159R is made of rose gold. Patek Phillipe’s logo was right on the middle of the dial and grace patterns make up the white blank in the middle.

In addition to the unique performance on the appearance, as a chronograph, it also has the perpetual calendar-the most complicated thing in the watch, and a flyback date and moon-phase. Perpetual calendar features the 5159R. At the 12 o’clock, there is a aperture that can display leap year, making it jump to the 1st, March at the end of February. What’s more, a simultaneous umping system is applied to the 5159R so that it achieves jumping in the midnight, which is a visual feast.

In addition, flyback date display also feature 5159 R. Flyback, in most cases, is applied to the chronograph, but rare in the date. Moon-phase is a very interesting process, because it is set according to the celestial motion. All of those functions can be realized on the 5159R. Every module have a complicate structures. The perpetual calendar alone cooperates with a bunches of gears to finish its jobs and there are 361 components in total. Furthermore, in order to satisfy the daily use, 5159R can reach 30 meters’ depth under the water, keeping it from being damaged in the rainy days.

Many components of 5159R are manually made by engineers from Patek Phillipe, so it touches slippery on the surface, which can also reduce the abrasion between gears. Such a perfect techniques and 21k pure gold-made rotating bezel present another beautiful sights on the watch. On your leisure time, opening the anti-dust case and admiring the inner structures are also a way to relax.

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