How to Maintain Replica Rolex Watches?

How should we maintain Rolex watch? Now more and more people buy Rolex watch, but a piece of Rolex watch does not have good maintenance, its life wouldn’t be very long. Watch as a man, if you want to keep a healthy body, than do prevention first. Below we will share with you about the maintenance method of longevity for the Replica Rolex watch.

1. The best place to put aside your Rolex watch should put some desiccant, but just avoid using the chemicals such as camphor ball and pest control.

2. swiss rolex replica Leather Rolex watch should avoid contact with water, in order to avoid strap becoming harden, stink, so as to lead to the result of the fracture.

3, when the Rolex watches are in case of different shape, it shall be immediately sent to the watchmaker’s examination of the special nearby.

4. Automatic Rolex watch must be in the condition of enough activity, that is to say that you need to wear it for more than 10 hours per day.

5. Different occasions should wear different watches, such as when playing sports you need to choose the sport Rolex watch featuring excellent waterproof and seismic resistance.

6. If there is a marked WATER RESESTENT or 3 ATM on the Rolex watch case, it means that its waterproof degree only limited in water spray of no pressure or light rain.

7. Specially remind everybody that any Rolex watches should not be worn in warm water or in the bathroom, even if your watch is water-resistant, because the Seal volume of the Rolex watch is rubber, and easy to aging when affected by temperature, and the water vapor molecules around is small, which is easy to penetrate into watch case to cause internal mechanical damage.

8. Rolex watches time error is small.

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