Rolex becomes the precedent of double-tone ceramic

Until 2005, the Rolex GMT – Master II met the biggest change in recent years, and the Rolex Ref. 116718 LN with 18 ct gold watchcase and patented Cerachrom ceramic word circle was launched. And the high performance package – Cerachrom ceramic word bezel that Rolex developed through many years and was equipped in the rotating outer bezel, whose surface is extremely scraping-resistant, sent out a deep and lasting luster, forming distinct contrast with the accurate inscribed figures and gradual scales. Within 24 hours of progressive scale in word circle, it filled in a thin layer of K gold or platinum through the Rolex developed PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition, Physical vapor Deposition) coating technology. Ceramic is strong and durable material, and it has extremely strong scratch-resistant and corrosion resistance, and it will not fade even by ultraviolet irradiation. To Rolex who strives for innovation and perfection, this material is ideal to replace the anode alumina. In 2006, half-gold version Ref. Ref.1116713LN come out; In 2007, Ref.116710LN which was equipped with stainless steel watch case came out, these Rolex watches all matched with the all black Cerachrom ceramic word bezel.

Rolex with professional knowledge, in addition to the black ceramic word bezel, since 2007 made the exclusive blue and green Cerachrom word bezel for the Oyster Perpetual Submariner Date and 18 ct gold Oyster Perpetual Yacht – Master II watches. In 2010, the Rolex brand on the word circle technology the development moved further, and for the Cosmograph Daytona watch developed a whole forming Cerachrom bezel. And, after that, the design has evolved continuously, from the original black to brown in 2013, the brown watch circle was made with platinum, especially for celebrating the 50th anniversary of the legendary timing wrist watch.

Some things do not exist, the reason is simple: hard to make, and it is so true with the double-tone ceramic. For a long time, no one can present two kinds of different colors in a high-tech ceramic watch component. Until the Rolex becomes the precedent.

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