In the corridor of time, maybe150 years is just a moment, but for Tag Heuer, tirelessly to follow precise time, already is a kind of eternity, from one world to another world. Tag Heuer has a long history of 150 year, and it is in accordance with the original concept to research and develop and manufacture precise and accurate, reliable and beautiful watches, which is known as “since 1860, the representative of the Swiss avant-garde style”. Tag heuer brand has a long history, and it is well known for its flagship sports series watches, at the same time it is also strong in terms of functionality. If you are young, and pursuing of sports fashion, Tag Heuer men’s watch is a good choice.

For the TAG Heuer CARRERA watches, its inspiration originated from the racing bicycle. In 1964, Jack Heuer created TAG Heuer CARRERA series wrist watch, aiming to commemorate the most arduous ” CARRERA Panamericana Mexico race”. Today, CARRERA series take the international star Leonardo DiCaprio to launch Calibre 360 concept wrist watch, carrying with the special movement developed by the Tag Heuer high-tech tabulation workshop to continue to legendary tour.

TAG Heuer Carrera WAS2111.FC6293 Mechanical Men Watch
The watch case of this Tag Heuer watch after a good polishing grinding, the white dial surface decorated with ornament, clear and readable Arabic numerals timing scale, elegant and delicate little blue three pointers – Tag Heuer’s contracted style is incisively and vividly show in the small details of the grasp. There sets the small seconds plate and date display window at the position of 6 o’clock, under the 12 o ‘clock position there sets the unique tag heuer logo. Matching with the blue alligator strap, it extremely shows the noble temperament.

Besides, the Tag Heuer Professional sport series has outstanding light and durable quartz stopwatch, which can let the wearer move freely, and can achieve all high levels required for sports performance.

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